Movement Learning

CREATE your next MOVE

WHAT do we learn?

HOW do we learn?

WHY do we learn?

And most importantly: WHO is behind the cBook?

Learning is not an end in itself.

The cBook creates a learning experience because it adds sense to learning.

It’s nice to learn something new – but often it also takes a lot of time and effort.

CREATE.21st century creates learning experience. Based on 20 years of customer experience.

Watch the video and get to know the inventors of the cBook and their philosophy up close and personal.

It’s all about you

CREATE develops your learning campaign with you

Almost 20 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers speak on their own.

CREATE.21st century develops the right strategy for your e-learning program with your tailor-made cBook.


Individual chances for development.

On the basis of concrete examples from work life the learners understand already before the start of the training why the content of the training is important for them personally.


Focus on me

This moves the participants and creates motivation.

Easily improve your performance with CREATE.21st century

Conception & learning experience

Behind every learning experience there is an elaborate concept. Didactics and technology of CREATE.21st century ensure a measurable learning success.


Individual content production

Every company has their own learning culture. CREATE.21st century produces exactly the contents you need to train your employees in a sustainable way.


cBook content, WBTs, cMotion & Mr. Fish

CREATE.21st century provides the right technology for every learning content. Use the cBook as your digital learning folder, move your learning group with motivating videos (cMotion) or let them be main actors with Mr. Fish (interactive videos).

In a nutshell


Your individual training program


With the user-friendly and well-designed cBook.


So you and your company move forward.


Pass by and make learning simple for you and your company!

Yes! I want to be connected! To try it out. Please sign me up for an online meeting or send me a demo version. The best would be to get both!