cBook License Model

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Learning Management System included
Access for online authors 1 3 3
Active Users 10 200 400 named User
Amount of cBooks 5 unlimited unlimited
Online storage for media data 10 GB 500 GB 500 GB
Interactive Voting
Learning groups evaluation
Starter Features
Translation service
Import of cBooks
Engagement Features:
Communication of the learning group in the Activity Center
Self-management of knowledge in the Notes
Evaluation of bonus material directly in the cBook
* Monthly price with annual subscription


What is an active user?

Every user who opened any cBook in the current month counts as active user.

What is a named user?

Every person who has access to the learning management system is a „personal user“. No matter whether and how often he has accessed the LMS.

What is the Asset Manager?

The Asset Manager is the central storage location for all media in the cBook. Here you can manage and save any file. Via the Asset Manager you keep the overview on the files you used. Thanks to the “Single Source of Truth” approach you can change contents here once and they will be updated automatically anywhere you used them. As good as it gets.

What’s the extension “Discoverer“?

The Discoverer extension is an interactive extension that you can use like a memory game. Define a picture on the front and a written explanation on the back. That’s how the learners can discover the content of a page step by step.

What is the Story Mode and Book Mode? (short explanation)

The Story- and Book-Mode in the cBook is a didactical model that gives learners the deduction (in the Story Mode™) as well as the summary (in the Book Mode). The cBook offers both, learning experience and looking something up.

What is bonus material?

Every good e-learning tool provides further documents after the training (PDFs, Word or Excel files) as further readings for the learners or to look things up. We call this bonus material. You can add all kinds of files to your cBook. We locate them directly with the content, so the learner finds them exactly where he needs them based on the context. Plus: You can scan this material with the smart search.

What is the “Voting Chart“ extension?

Do you know the moment when a trainer or teacher activates the audience of an event by asking them a question? Then the audience finds out what people answered and often these answers are compared to empiric data. That’s what you can do with this extension in your cBook.

Activate your learners, encourage them to take part.

Similar to this extension is the extension “learning group evaluation”.

What is the extension “Learning Group Evaluation“?

Do you know the moment when a trainer or teacher activates the audience of an event by asking them a question? Then the audience finds out what people answered and often these answers are compared to empiric data. That’s what you can do with this extension in your cBook.

You can ask up to 4 questions. The answers are give with a scale (from-to) (by contrast to the Voting Chart extension). You can also add a study to this – but you don’t have to.

What is the extension “Pinboard“?

This extension can be used in the live training. Imagine the trainer asks the participants a question. They should write down a few words to this topic. You can do this directly in the cBook and see all the group’s answers on the pin board, too. Same for the trainer. The great advantage of this is that the pin board is not lost after the training but stays there and the participants can still see the answers or add new items.

You can also ask for anonymous feedback which creates a relaxing training atmosphere.

What is the extension “Checklist“?

The extension checklist offers the learners an overview on their to-do’s (e.g. to follow a process step by step or to do a task) and at the same time they have the possibility to keep track on what they have already done.

What is the extension “Agenda“?

With the extension Agenda you can provide interactive and audio content. The users can click on items that play an audio (e.g. explanation) and may contain short text. This chart is often used to give an overview on a topic or to explain the structure of an e-learning

What is the cBook LMS? (short explanation)

The LMS is the innovative virtual learning environment in which you can integrate all your individual cBooks. Of course, all important LMS functionalities are integrated.

What does “On-Premise“ mean?

Every company can choose whether it wants to integrate the new software in their own IT environment (on premise) or whether it prefers to use an online service that needs no maintenance and thus doesn’t cause any effort for the company. Both solutions have advantages. You are free to choose.

How does the translation service work?

The translation service is an interface for professional translation agencies and translation software. With one click you receive the whole content of your cBook in a format that is supported by most big translation agencies and programs. When the translation is done you can import all translations with a click into the cBook CREATOR. That’s how you have translated your cBook in 1-2-3 steps into another language.

How can I buy a license?

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