Authoring Tool

You already have a Learning-Management-System (LMS) and are looking for a tool to create and manage your
training content?

Use the cBook as an authoring tool (CREATOR)!

The CREATOR offers the following features:

Collaborative eLearning creation in the backend (CREATOR)

Technical experts and content producers may change content and create new content together in an easy to use tool.

Easy editing and full creativity: templates, videos, PDF, bonus material

technical data: HTML 5 compatible, Single Source of Truth

Learning experience in the frontend (cBook)

Easy switching between Story Mode and Book Mode.

Take personal notes or share content with colleagues.

cBook makes it possible! And all that in a visually attractive design.

Your professional partner

The CREATOR is the result of almost 20 years of experience by the eLearning experts of Create.21st century. Together with our customers we have developed a custom-tailored e-learning tool. With the CREATOR authors can manage their cBooks easily.

Yes! I want to be connected! To try it out. Please sign me up for an online meeting or send me a demo version. The best would be to get both!