Advantages for the learner

the innovative learning experience


Absorbing something new. Deducing. Understanding.

In the beginning there is the listening.

The oldest form of storytelling: We listen. We watch and analyze.

Before we apply new knowledge, we want to understand.

In the Story Mode™ a short clip shows a scenario to which the learner must react. So, he can test his own knowledge.

Creating awareness

The learner understands why the content of the training is important for him personally.

Focus on me

He can click through the learning content in his own pace, just like you thumb through a book. Anytime, anywhere.

The Story Mode™ is the narrative frame, the golden thread that leads through a learning process.

Easy control

Even unexperienced learners can handle the cBook fast and safely.


Repeating. Looking up. Knowing.

Knowledge also means: knowing where to look up something. Deepening knowledge easily, freshing it up or looking it up if required.

The Book Mode and the full text search of the cBook let the learner access certain contents in any situation.

The key points that have been explained in the Story Mode™ are clearly wrapped up in the Book Mode.

Effective finding again and effective learning again.

What was that again?

Looking up fast, remembering and applying it immediately. The Book Mode makes learning easy.

Easily located:

With a comprehensive search function you can quickly locate the whole knowledge you are looking for at the moment.

Smart search

The cBook even offers you a comprehensive search to scan the learning content as well as the communicative area.

Community Features

The cBook is your personal folder, your digital learning companion, as individual and as communicative as you.

Multimedia notes

Taking notes was yesterday.

In the cBook you can not only write down your own thoughts about the learning content, but also add pictures, sound and video elements, for example footage from your live training or examples from your work life.

Privately and visible only for yourself.

Activity Center

People talk about it.

An important part of every training is the exchange with colleagues and other participants.

Because knowledge becomes more when you share it.

In the Activity Center of the cBook you can create learning groups and communicate directly with other learners.
They can ask questions to the trainer or start discussions.

Exactly where you need it – in your cBook.


Upon request you can add different extra features to your cBook, like discovery cards, pin boards, voting charts and many more. We’re happy to advise you!

You would like your cBook to do even more? Perfect – we’re eager to develop new features and extensions together with you. Just contact us.

Yes! I want to be connected! To try it out. Please sign me up for an online meeting or send me a demo version. The best would be to get both!