Benefits for authors

Easy content creation

Measurable Success

Studies and blended learning trainers confirm that the cBook improves learning success. The learners enjoy learning and are able to apply their knowledge better in their daily routine. The learning transfer is increased.


Das cBook ist unabhängig vom genutzten LMS und voll integrationsfähig. The cBook is independent of the used LMS and fully intregrable.
You can add it to your existing training landscape or make it more innovative.
The cBook can be imported as a SCORM package in any existing LMS (Learning-Management-System).

Direct access to the authoring tool

No installation necessary. Our cBook CREATOR (authoring system) starts directly in your browser. So you and your experts can manage the content of your eLearnings immediately – without any installation.

Zero programming knowledge necessary

The cBook backend (CREATOR) offers authors the possibility to manage learning content easily and clearly.


Several authors may manage the content online simultaneously. eLearning experts as well as technical experts can collaborate in the CREATOR.

Continuous Updates

We learn from our customers, too.

We continuously work on the improvement of our features and the user interface of the cBook. With your cBook
license you continuously receive all current updates and are always up to date regarding technology.

User interface

You can use the cBook already in more than 10 different languages. More language versions are being added continuously.

Successful didactical methodology

Behind the cBook there is sophisticated didactics that we have developed based on our long experience with customers. Instead of overwhelming the learner with theoretical knowledge we first awaken his interest for the training content. With a motivational approach we create awareness and thus the basis for ideal learning success in the live training, as well as the transfer to work life.

Attractive design

The user experience plays a very important role for us. This is why we set a high value on the visual design of the cBook. Thus, the limits between training and entertainment are vanishing and learning becomes an emotional experience.


Learning by screenplay – of course with a happy end, i.e. learning experience and success. Storytelling and gamification create an unforgettable learning experience and consequently lead to a better performance. The cBook accompanies the learners for a longer time and like a good novel, they can read it again and again. They become protagonists who can influence the plot, too. The cBook grows with its users.

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